Paint Color Trends 2017

Sep 6, 2017 -- Posted by : ajpereira

I was recently working with one of my clients in helping them to choose interior paint colors. In the process of picking colors, my client asked me what the color trend was for 2017. I could not answer their question until I did a little homework.

Well, after doing a lot of research on the Internet, this is what I found out: Depending on which website you visit, the color trends are different - Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, and PPG's color trends and colors of the year are all a little different. It is no wonder that homeowners get confused in selecting paint colors.

To offer you examples of the results of my research, below are links I found showing popular paint color trends for 2017. As the homeowner, you can visit all of their websites to see for yourself.

Sherwin Williams Color mix forecast is

Their color of the year for 2017 is 6039 Poised Taupe

Benjamin Moores color trends for 2017 are

Their color of the year for 2017 is Shadow 2117-30

PPG's Paint color trends for 2017 are

Their color of the year for 2017 is Violet Verbena

Now, if you ask an interior designer their opinion of color of the year, they may respond with a completely different paint color. My suggestion is to not worry about the current color trends. Next year, they are going to change, and you certainly can't repaint your home every year, let alone change your furnishings. What I do recommend is to select colors that are soothing to you, based on your taste and furnishings. It is more important to be happy and relaxed in your home once it is painted, than to attempt to keep up with the latest trends.


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