One Great Example of Painting Furniture

Dec 28, 2016 -- Posted by : ajpereira

Did you know that in addition to painting your walls and ceilings, you can also paint furniture?

This is a conversation I recently had with one of my clients:

“Ron, while you are here painting my home, I have this chair I would love to have painted. I have been looking for furniture for my master bedroom, and I can't seem to find a chair that I like. However I have a chair that works perfectly; however it is the wrong color. Do you have a silver paint we could paint this chair?”

My response to my client was “ABSOLUTELY”. We can paint the chair and I actually had different options for silvers my client could choose from.

The below picture is the chair that was actually painted in a metallic platinum color, which matches her furnishings and treatments in her master bedroom.

chair painted in white

Another satisfied customer.


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