Help is Out There for Selecting the Right Paint Colors

Aug 23, 2017 -- Posted by : ajpereira

A message we recently received via our website:

I am trying to pick paint colors for the interior of my home, and it is driving me crazy. I wish I could see a picture of what my room would look like with a new paint color. HELP......

My response:

Help is out there for homeowners. Many of the paint manufacturers now have paint color visualizer apps and web pages that are available to everyone. PPG THE VOICE OF COLOR PROGRAM offers innovative resources for paint professionals. We can now help our customers find the perfect palette for every job with the PPG Paints Color Visualizer tool. It works with Sherwin Williams Paint and Behr Paint.

You can either paint an existing stock picture provided on the PPG Paint website or you can download a picture of your own to paint.

Here is a link to the PPG Paint Color Visualizer web page:

Sherwin Williams color visualizer is called ColorSnap and here is link to the web page:

Behr Color Studio, where you will find inspiration, color tools, design advise and other features to help you find the perfect color for your next project is located at the following web page:

Click on the links and have fun playing with paint colors. However, please remember the paint colors you are looking at will look a bit different on your walls. Whether you are looking at a computer screen, Ipad or Cell Phone screen, paint colors will look different. The Visualizers will give you an approximate feel of what a room will look like. The best way to choose a color is to buy a quart of the paint color and put some on the wall. The larger your paint sample, the better feel you will have for the true paint color. Always look at the paint color in different times of day, as the lighting in the room makes all the difference when choosing paint colors.


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